August 27, 2021

As a young karate-ka (teenager) I kept a special folder with my karate notes, essays and grading requirement lists.  Whilst I was doing a little research today I stumbled across this well worn folder and I found a piece of writing that I thought others may appreciate.

This piece of writing was shared with me as a gift at a very difficult time in my life.  I remember working towards a NSW State Titles and I had this piece of writing with me.   For the first time, I would go on to secure a victory against myself as I was able to take control of my mind long enough to compete at my best.  It was a fleeting moment at that, but it was enough to drop me onto a path of continual self-discovery to find ways to not only be the best I could be but to also help others be the best they can be in both the dojo and in life.

2 Serves of knowledge and skill
1 1/2 Cups of fitness dissolved in sacrifice
10 Tablespoons of attitude
1 Drop of luck and a touch of class

Learn the rules and practice the skills.
Add fitness and garnish with sacrifice.
Put ingredients into training sessions.
Place on field till the golden colouring of success.

Serve on large trays to those who deserve it.
Decorate trays with wisdom and determination
remembering that the preparation is only final when:
Served with care, accepted with gratitude,
consumed with intestinal fortitude,
And cherished throughout the days of your life.
~ G. Skeed

About the author 

Sandra Phillips

Sandra Phillips
Chito-Ryu Karate-Do: 5th Dan, Renshi (Master Instructor) & Kobujutsu 3rd Dan

Sandra is passionate about living her best life and helping people like you live their best lives. No matter what you may be going through, know that your best days are ahead of you. Choose to challenge yourself to do something today that is important to you (no matter how small it may seem) and create ‘practices’ that help you live your best life.

Be Great, Be YOU! Let’s Grow!!

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