August 27, 2021

Keep Life Fun In The Holidays Whilst Positioning Yourself For a Great Day, Week, Month or Year

Throughout the festive season we drop the routines and focus on how many experiences we can squeeze into two weeks.  It’s gotta be fun, fun and more fun.

This year was no different, and we found a truck load of things to do that got the smiles smiling from ear to ear. Yes, we over indulged in good food, company and cuddles, lost a bit of sleep with movies that played late into the night, replaced our exercise with water sports, and the usual driving time was replaced by some crazy driving on Mario Kart. 

As our holidays come to a close my mind starts it’s count down to the return of a new school year and activities for our kids.  What can I do to help them keep the ‘fun’ whilst positioning them for a great start to the year?  How will I help them navigate their way out of holiday mode with a bit of enthusiasm and self motivation?

Our kids are reaching the end of their primary school years and early high school years at the time of writing, so I’m currently in the process of handing over the reigns to the kids.  It’s kind of like slapping a L plate on their back and being available to help when they need it. 

I love handing over the reigns to the kids at various stages of their lives with different things and witnessing the injection of confidence they receive when they get the wheels turning for themselves. 

Although our kids and parenting methods are all a little different, here are a few things that help us gently prepare and position our kids and ourselves for a great day, week, month or year.  It takes a little self-discipline yet the rewards are worth it. 

Mission: To continue enjoying holidays (keeping it ‘fun’ ) whilst positioning them for a great start to the year?

Super Hero:  To the left is Super mum.  I guess it’s how I see myself when I’m hitting the home runs for parenting.  I’ll need her help if I’m going to have any chance of helping our kids. 

You are probably asking why do I need to be a ‘Super Hero’ to help my kids.  I don’t really.  It’s just a bit of fun.  Remember I’m still in holiday mode and I’ve just finished a Star Wars dual with our son.  On a more serious note – it is when I feel as though I am at my best that I can truly help our kids. So step one is to take a quick self-assessment of my energy levels and see if I’m up for the mission.

Before helping our kids, I need to first elevate my energy and position myself so that my cup is full and overflowing of love, joy, laughter, wisdom and most importantly patience.  I don’t want to be a grizzly bear running on empty and have my husband tip toeing around the house telling our kids not to poke the bear.  Whilst I guide our children and help them position themselves I’ve gotta be sure that my cup stays full.  Any sign of it getting empty, it’s a time out for me to re-energise and then return to my mission.

Once I’m all suited up as Super mum and feeling great it’s time for step two. Enjoy a little quality time with our kids to gauge where they are at in terms of going back to school and other activities (thoughts, words, actions).  I also need to remember their words about school and other activities before holiday time, because sometimes we can lose a little enthusiasm as we relax into our holiday shoes. 

Now, it’s time to get down to business. 

Step three.  Rather than hit our kids with a mountain of expectations and things to change all at once, I like to gently introduce a little at a time.   And, because I have my Super mum suit on, I’ll also step up and lead by example because this is one thing that our kids respond really well to and it seems to keep my cup full and overflowing. 

Below is a listing of my top six secret ingredients that help me prepare and position our kids for a great year.  These things help shift our kids into a more positive and focused state. 

Striking the right balance of these things with more fun holiday experiences is the key

Once school and other activities resume I aim to keep a close eye on these things and we tend to create a relatively harmonious household. 

  1. Sleep
  2. Water intake
  3. Colourful foods (foods that grow in the garden)
  4. Movement
  5. Get out into nature, enjoy fresh air, sun etc 
  6. Lots of unconditional love and ‘time’

Once I’ve re-introduce all of the six ingredients, I’ll take the time to once again gauge our kids thoughts, words and actions.  This gives me a good indication whether or not we need to further develop one of these six things or consider other things that may help attract a more positive state.

Once we are all enjoying a more positive state it is time to:

‘Live, Learn, Grow and Share.’

About the author 

Sandra Phillips

Sandra Phillips
Chito-Ryu Karate-Do: 5th Dan, Renshi (Master Instructor) & Kobujutsu 3rd Dan

Sandra is passionate about living her best life and helping people like you live their best lives. No matter what you may be going through, know that your best days are ahead of you. Choose to challenge yourself to do something today that is important to you (no matter how small it may seem) and create ‘practices’ that help you live your best life.

Be Great, Be YOU! Let’s Grow!!

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